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Regular massage therapy is a safe and effective way to manage long term chronic pain or pain from a long weekend run. 

Pain relief
I called Chrystal in tears I was experiencing so much neck pain after an illness.  She got me in right away and used our hour together to focus solely on my neck and back. Not only was I able to relax but my pain was reduced by fifty percent when the hour was over. The next day my pain had almost completely gone away. I would definitely invest in a massage from Chrystal again before asking my doctor for powerful muscle relaxers.

- S. S. 

The best
Chrystal is just the best. She gets down into the muscles which makes them seem to open up. As a runner, This helps relieve soreness & promote relaxation. 

- Runner

I've had many massages to help with chronic back problems. Finally, someone recommended Chrystal and I had my first massage with her last Wednesday. She started with heat and gently worked on my many trouble spots. I have never felt better after a massage and have already recommended Chrystal to my daughter.

- Katherine

I have been having back, neck and shoulder tension from a rear end accident. Chrystal used heat this week on my back during massage and I felt wonderful afterward. I highly recommend Chrystal!!


Myofacial massage treaments
After being rear ended on the freeway at 60 mph, I sustained some neck pain and headaches. My doctor recommended a series of 12 myofacial massage treatments. I have had 9 treaments so far and I am on the way to recovery. Chrystal is absolutely the best!


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