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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy and the postpartum year are nothing short of miraculous. Regular Massage therapy during this time can help support your body mind and spirit through the transition to motherhood. 

What Clients Are Saying

Prenatal bliss massage!
Thanks Chrystal! I will be back for another prenatal massage, I felt like a million dollars after my last one and the baby is quite happy too! :)

- Letty T. 

Great massage every time!
I have had several massages from Chrystal and every time it is amazing. I first went to her when I was pregnant as she knows prenatal massage, and I have continued to see her since then as she tailors each massage to my current needs. I definitely recommend her!

- Kendra H. 

Wonderful Massage
I first saw Chrystal while I was pregnant and had horrible back pain and she did an amazing job and made me feel so much better! After having my beautiful baby, I still see Chrystal and the massage makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

- Laura J. 

Pregnancy Massage
Chrystal did a wonderful job on my massage. It was relaxing and felt terrific. She made me feel very comfortable. I felt like putty afterward. Thank you.

- Danielle 

Pregnancy Massage
I am in my second trimester and with stress from work and tiredness from the pregnancy I decided a massage sounded like a good idea. Chrystal was very welcoming and I felt completely comfortable. She did an AMAZING job relieving tension in my neck and jaw. Also, my back felt wonderful after the appointment. I already scheduled my next one. Highly recommend!

- Krystle

Excellent Pregnancy Massage!
Chrystal is amazing. I was always fed with the myth that massage during pregnancy is "dangerous." My doctor told me to get a massage because I was having trouble sleeping and pain under my right shoulder blade. After Chrystal's loving and caring message all those pains went away and I was able to sleep comfortably for the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you, Chrystal.


Chrystal is hands down the best massage therapist that I have ever had. She was my therapist while I was pregnant and now she will be forever. :)

- Sharla

Knowledgable, approachable staff
I started having massages at Tree of Life when I told my nurse my back hurt when I was pregnant. Chrystal helped with this and reduced my ankle swelling. Now that I have given birth I go to Chrystal for post-partum and wellness massages. And since she has received training infant massage training I have brought in my newborn. I have been happy with her knowledge & approach. I have recommended her to friends & have given feedback to the nurse so that she can continue referring others.

- Katheryn


So Experienced

I received a pregnancy massage with Chrystal and it was great! It was really nice to have someone so experienced and knowledgeable about massage and the body while being pregnant. I not only got the relaxation I needed but also many tips to help keep me comfortable throughout my pregnancy! Thank you!"



Absolutely amazing prenatal massage. Thank you so much!!


Easier Cesarian Recovery

I want to say thank you so much for the almost weekly massages while pregnant. I had a ridiculously easy Caesarian recovery this time around and lost the baby weight by 6 weeks… I know a lot of it was due to the weekly massage helping me not gain anything but what I needed. 


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