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Pregnancy Massage in Albuquerque
60 minute Massage $80
90 minute Massage $110


A woman’s body changes and shifts as a new person grows inside her womb. Not only is a body created, but also a heart, mind, spirit, and a mother. For some, pregnancy is a joyous event, but others, pregnancies are difficult, stressful, anxious, happy, sad, crazy, exciting, terrible, painful… all rolled up into a ball that changes a woman for the rest of her life.

Massage during pregnancy is a safe and effective tool to help a woman cope with the change that occurs as a woman’s body shifts to accommodate a growing baby. It also provides a nurturing place where a woman can process the changes that are occurring and connect emotionally with her baby while doing something that feels good and relieves tension.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy are far reaching with improved circulation, reduction in anxiety and stress hormones, and reduction in musculoskeletal tension to name a few. Chrystal’s experience as a mom, massage therapist, and labor support specialist gives her the ability to provide nurturing support while a woman experiences her pregnancy story and prepares for the birth of her baby.


Chrystal is a certified  Albuquerque pregnancy massage therapist through Kate Jordan, Bodywork for the childbearing year. She is a member of the American Pregnancy Massage Association, the American Pregnancy Association, and is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Pediatric Massage therapist. She leads a team of highly trained medical massage therapists for the best possible massage experience in Albuqerque. 


Induction Massage

For healthy full term pregnancies, induction massage can help stimulate labor naturally. Recommeded for women who are 39 weeks pregnant or for women whose estimated due date has passed. Click here for more information on induction massage. 


We are located in a medical chiropractic office, but the rooms are kept beautiful and spa-like for a very relaxing massage.