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Happy Healthy Pregnancy with Massage

March 17, 2015



Finding ways to manage stress during a pregnancy is essential to a healthy pregnancy. According to research, Women who receive massage during pregnancy have fewer complications during labor and their infants have fewer postnatal complications. (T. Field: Touch Research Institute, 1999 Study on the effects of massage therapy during pregnancy).


Massage during pregnancy is a safe and effective tool to help a woman cope with the change that occurs as a woman’s body shifts to accommodate a growing baby. It also provides a nurturing place where a woman can process the changes that are occurring and connect emotionally with her baby. Pregnancy Massage also feels good and relieves tension.


Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

- Reduces tension, stress, and anxiety

- Supports a healthy in utero environment

- decreases muscle tension and restores balance. 

- elevates mood, encourages loving maternal care

- Treats common discomforts of pregnancy 

- Prepares the woman physically, emotionally and mentally for labor. 

The benefits of massage during pregnancy are far reaching with improved circulation, reduction in anxiety and stress hormones, and reduction in musculoskeletal tension to name a few. 


Chrystal Copeland at Tree of Life Massage is a certified  Albuquerque pregnancy massage therapist through Kate Jordan, Bodywork for the Childbearing year. She is a member of the American Pregnancy Massage Association, the American Pregnancy Association, and is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Pediatric Massage therapist. She leads a team of highly trained medical massage therapists for the best possible massage experience in Albuquerque. 


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