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Role of Massage Therapist during Pregnancy

March 17, 2015



One of the first things a massage therapist will do is ask you how you are feeling today. It is an open ended question that can be answered in many different ways. We expect an honest answer. Sometimes we will get the obligatory "Fine!", but upon further questioning we find that our clients may be coping with pain, stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and overwhelming feelings. 


The great thing about massage is we can address each person as they are. There is an old hymn titled "Come, Just as You Are". As massage therapists we truly believe everyone can come where they are in life. We don't need to know how a client arrived, simply that they are present and accounted for in that moment. 


We spend an entire hour with our clients. We nourish and engage the muscles to release tension, improve range of motion and decrease stress. 


Here is what a massage therapist does: 

- support

- facilitate

- educate

- listen

- provide safe space for mother and baby


Here is what a massage therapist does not do:

- massage therapist does not perform spinal manipulations- soft tissue only

- perform examinations to diagnose or treat illness

- provide guidance regarding talk therapy or counseling.  


Tree of Life Massage Therapists are encouraged to listen when talked to, but to not initiate talking while a massage is in progress. Many find it helpful to talk during a session to relieve stress and reevaluate a day. When needed we refer out for counseling, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. 

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