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What to Expect During a Pregnancy Massage

March 18, 2015

Often times the first time a woman experiences a massage it is while she is pregnant. Pregnancy or Prenatal Massage is a safe, gentle, effective way to relieve the common discomforts of pregnancy


At Tree of Life Massage, we have been trained that massage is safest and most effective with a pregnant woman laying on her side. We have special side-lying pillows called a side lying positioning system. This allows the pregnant body to lay ergonomically correct on the side so that muscles and the spine are in alignment and massage can be performed in an effective way. 



Proper draping techniques are used to keep a woman covered and modest the entire massage. Only the area being massaged at the time is exposed. The rest of the body is securely draped under a sheet and blanket for extra warmth. 


There is a cut out at the shoulder to support the shoulder and neck which helps reduced tension and pain from the neck being positioned on a pillow. 


Half of the body is massaged and then the therapist will help the client turn over onto the other side and re-position pillows to massage the other side. 


An additional benefit to the side lying massage is a decrease in nasal congestion due to the lack of a client laying face down (prone) on the massage table. Prone massage during pregnancy can become uncomfortable simply because of the excess mucus and sinus pressure. 


If at any time, a client is uncomfortable we will take time to help shift pillows for ultimate comfort. 


Advanced scheduling is recommended. 


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