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Massage Therapy for Men

November 10, 2015

Over the last several months we have seen an increase in the number of male clients we have been treating for pain management and sports recovery massage sessions. Interesting because we are a massage therapy clinic in Albuquerque that specializes in pregnancy massage.


So, the question arose... how does massage help men?  There is very little helpful information online on how massage can help benefit men specifically.  So, I asked my husband how his body hurts and works around the pain. I was surprised to find out that his hips, knees, and an old Achilles tendon injury hurt him on a day to day basis. According to , 80% of Achilles injuries are in men and yet as a female therapist, I often skip over this small seemingly unaffected part of the leg. Now after this revelation, I work the Achilles in male clients in hopes to reduce tension in the area to avoid injury.  


Suffice to say, massage is so much more than pampering at the spa. According to this article from Men's Health Magazine, massage helps men with neck and back pain, helps improve athletic performance, decreases depression, decreases blood pressure, and can help relieve digestive issues. In addition, according to the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), 91 percent of individuals view massage as being beneficial to overall health and wellness and 92 percent of consumers believe than massage is beneficial in REDUCING PAIN. 


Who is getting massage? At TREE of LIFE we see all different types of men at our clinic. We see a number of scientists from Sandia National Labs who are dealing with neck and back pain associated with sitting on a computer all day. We see doctors, lawyers, and retired men who are staying active by hiking and exercising. We even treat a retired jet fighter pilot whose years of G-force turns in the air force has taken it's toll on his back and neck in his retired years. All of these men have one thing in common- they struggle with pain on a daily basis and are turning to massage to help manage their pain and improve range of motion. 


So, how can we at TREE of LIFE help you? First, we take time to talk with each of our clients before every massage so that you know what to expect. We use proper draping techniques as required by New Mexico State Law and we offer additional warmth, modesty and comfort by providing an additional blanket over the drape or sheet. 


If it is your first massage, we can take extra time to talk about what to expect and areas of concern. After a short conversation, the therapist exits the room to allow for privacy while undressing and getting onto the massage table. We generally start clients face down on the massage table underneath the sheet and blanket. Half way through the session, the therapist will lift one side of the sheet while standing on the opposite side to allow you to turn over onto your back. 


We enjoy working with people through all walks of life. We have a staff of highly ethical, trained licensed massage therapists who enjoy what they do. Take time to call us to talk about if massage can be helpful to you or schedule online today! 505-205-9910


Learn more about what to expect during your first massage. 



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