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7 Tips for Surprising your Wife with a Massage

February 8, 2016

Women love massage! Plan ahead for the best results! 


It’s that time of year were husbands are scrambling to find a great idea for Valentines Day. We have had a hand at helping with Valentines surprises over the years, so we thought we would share with you the best strategies our amazing clients have come up with to surprise their wives with a massage.


1. Arrange for a baby sitter too! Book the massage and call a baby sitter so you can bring her to her massage. Many times part of the joy of a surprise massage is seeing the reaction on her face and sharing in the joy of the surprise. It is fun to experience that together. While you are at it… book a massage for you too! Hey… why not?! 


2. Flowers!! While she is getting a massage, drop by the grocery store across the street and pick up a small bouquet of flowers so you can give them to her when the massage is over. I must admit, when one of our clients did this for his wife, he immediately won the hearts of ALL of the staff at TREE of LIFE. His small gesture made his wife gush with pride. He then whisked her out of the office to take her out to lunch! Obvious acts of love and devotion are so sweet! 


3. Longer Massage. Book her an 90 minute massage. While a 60 minute session is our most popular, it may have been a while since her last massage. Springing for the extra 30 minutes can make all difference in the world. Extra time on the feet or neck can make a 90 minute massage that much more luxurious! 


4. Online Gift Certificate. Buy a gift certificate so that she can book the massage online at her earliest convenience. Many women are the “masters of the family schedule”. If you get a gift certificate, she can plan accordingly for a day that makes sense for her. 


5. Arrive Early! We have seen it happen so many times… The surprise is planned, but you don’t make it to the massage on time! You are stressed because you are late and she is upset that she gets less time on the massage because of being late. SO SAD!! Plan ahead! We send detailed instructions to your e-mail so that you can find us. Look at the instructions the day before the massage so that you know where to go and plan on being at least 5 minutes early. 


6. Tell her ahead of time - Book the massage online and then tell her she has a massage scheduled so she can prepare. One of the great things about massage is anticipating a time of relaxation. It is almost as good as getting the massage itself! Most times when a “surprise massage” client walks in the door, she is self conscious because she didn’t get a chance to shave her legs. We as massage therapists don’t care whether she shaved her legs, but she does! 


7. Cheaper is NOT Always Better - You want your wife to get an amazing massage with skilled massage therapists. This time of year the "groupon" massage is tempting because it is so cheap! DON'T DO IT! You ultimately get what you pay for and do you really want your wife to be the one who gets that creepy massage experience? I didn't think so... 



We hope these tips help in planning a special day that isn’t rushed or under planned. We love the spontaneity of a surprise massage. Taking the time to make it even more special makes all the difference! You can book massage appointments online at TREE of LIFE at or call us at 505-205-9910


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