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Habits for Regular Massage

March 20, 2018


Massage feels amazing! But, besides just feeling amazing, reducing stress is a key factor of living a healthy lifestyle. Regular massage not only reduces stress, but it also reduces muscle pain, enhances sleep quality, lessens depression, improves concentration, reduces post work out recovery time and promotes healing. So, how can you turn an occasional massage into a regular routine? The answer may be simpler than you think! 


Schedule in advance

For massage to become a regular occurrence in your life, it is a good idea to schedule them regularly. Find a massage therapist you like, and stick with them. The more often you see the same massage therapist, the better she will be able to help you achieve the results you are looking for. If you need regular massage to manage pain, or manage stress; then seeing the same therapist again and again is a HUGE benefit to you. She will learn your body and learn techniques that help YOUR body relax. Chrystal has been seeing some of the same clients for nearly 10 years... these clients have developed a long standing trust and professional therapeutic relationship with Chrystal. Everyone benefits from regular massage sessions- you keep your massage therapist in business by supporting his or her small business efforts and you get a massage therapist who you can trust! 


Regular is different for everyone

For most people- a regular massage is once a month. This is an ideal time frame for regular bodywork to achieve your wellness goals. However, this is not the steady rule for everyone. Chrystal has some clients who are able and want to receive massage weekly. Massage has become part of their individual wellness plan to keep them strong, balanced, and healthy. While weekly massage is within financial reach of some, it may not be possible for everyone. So, do what works for you and your budget. Set aside $10 a week and get a massage every 8 weeks- or set aside $20 a week and get a massage once a month. I know the old saying "cheaper than a cup of coffee" is a bit old these days... but at the cost of a couple of cups of "designer"coffee, regular massage may be with in your reach sooner than you think! 


Once a Year is Still Regular Massage for Some

And still... massage for some...  is just a once in a while thing. That is ok too. Chrystal always welcomes those who like a special treat for their birthday or Mother's Day just like she welcomes those who come weekly. For you... Chrystal now offers online gift cards so those you love can treat you to these special event massages. Online eGift Cards HERE


Massage For Every Season in Life

There is a reason this is the mission for Chrystal and Tree of Life Massage- Massage for every season in life. Life... just like Trees have seasons. There are times when massage is a regular part of your life, and other times that it is not. There are times when stress and anxiety get the best of us and we have a harder time coping, and other times when the stress just roles right off our backs. This is LIFE and it is part of being ALIVE! Massage can help with both times... difficult times and happy times. Building a professional therapeutic relationship with the right massage therapist is crucial. Chrystal does her best to keep all of her work professional and therapeutic. If you need talk through some things... then talk! If you need to be quiet to escape for a while... then escape. Chrystal will do her best to support both outcomes. 


It is always a pleasure to work with returning clients. After nearly 10 years in practice... having a client return, even if it has been a while since your last massage with Chrystal, it is always counted as a blessing that you come back... whether in a week, month or year.



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